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Join us hand-in-hand by investing for the lives of many teenagers & mentors. Our future lies with them.

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Leadership as Discipleship is a non-profit organization. Investment collected for U.Unleashed will enable us to invest in the lives of many teenagers & mentors.

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We accept all investments with no minimum limit.

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When making an investment, we expect you to ensure your data is correct as this is a non-refundable investment. Even if you simply change your mind, your investment cannot be returned. Should you experience failure in a transaction or error in the system, please notify us by sending your data including payment proof to admin@ignitelad.com and WhatsApp at +62812-8262-8322. The entire error verification process will take up to 20 working days since the report is accepted.

If you have any queries about investing in U.Unleashed, please contact us.